Microbe-Lift 7.5 pH Buffer/Stabilizer 1 lb

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Ecological Labs Microbe Lift Buffer Stabilizer 7.5 pH - 1 lb


Safely BUFFERS pH levels & prevents wide pH swings. The primary function of this pH buffer is to resist pH drop (acidification) and to hold the pH at a given target (7.5)


  • Includes 2 pH buffers for gentle effectiveness and 3 electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance
  • Provides necessary alkalinity for nitrogen cycle
  • Specially formulated to control fish toxicity which may arise from overdosing (maximum pH in water = 7.5)
  • Not harmful to fish or plants
  • Helps establish, restore and maintain the natural biological and chemical balance of any pond, year round.

16 oz will treat over 800 gallons/3000 liters

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